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Fairy Tale Farm is dedicated to providing lessons to produce knowledgeable and successful riders in the huent seat discipline. With over 20 experienced and safe horses and ponies, FTF is able to provide an environment where students are able to achieve goals in the sport of riding. Whether you are interested in showing or are interested in this wonderful sport for a hobby, FTF is able to accommodate any level of rider. Students learn responsibility for their horse as well as respect for the horse, themselves, fellow riders and the show ring.

Our goal is to work with your child (and adults!) at his/her own pace to develop basic horsemanship skills on the horse and on the ground in a fun and engaging atmosphere. We also have fun, practice horse shows for all levels. These provide a good foundation for the competitive aspect of hunt-seat riding and foster good sportsmanship while providing goals for improvement in position and skill level.

Minimum age requirement for group lessons is 5 years old.
A private one-on-one lunge lesson will be taught for the first lesson or until the rider can successfully perform basic principles of riding. Lessons are by appointment only.

  • An approved ASTM riding helmet properly fitted. Fairy Tale Farm has some you can use, but regular riders will want to get their own.
  • Long pants/jeans are fine, but the inner seams may chafe your legs. Riding breeches are made to prevent this problem and are recommended for serious      riding.
  • Boots or shoes with a heel.  Sneakers are not allowed because they can slip through the stirrup and could drag a rider if thrown off the horse.
  • While not required, gloves are helpful to maintain a good grip on the reins.

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